DIY Vanilla Extract is one of the easiest things you will ever make.
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DIY Vanilla Extract


  • 1 cup (8 oz) vodka
  • 3 whole vanilla beans
  • glass jars


  • Wash and sanitise your glass jars and lids.
  • Cut the vanilla beans in half, then split each half in the middle vertically leaving them attached (about 2cm) at one end.
  • Add the vanilla beans to the jars.
  • Use a funnel to add the vodka.
  • Screw the lid on tight and shake gently.
  • Let them brew for around 12 weeks. Shake occasionally.


  • Homemade vanilla extract may be lighter than the store bought stuff. This may be due to the added ingredients or the process in which the store bought extract is made.
  • A great place in Australia to get quality vanilla beans from is Vanilla & Co.
  • Once the beans start showing, top up your bottle with some more vodka.
  • This vanilla extract does have a few flecks of vanilla seeds in it. If you do not like these, you can strain the vanilla through a sieve or strainer before using.
  • This recipe can be made with other alcohols such as white rum or bourbon.